Can we just agree, this D.E.Y. thing isn't working?
Welcome Weary Creator of Amazing Things
You’ve finally found the place where you can hurl yourself off of that mad, mad D.E.Y. (Do EVERYTHING Yourself) not-so-merry-go-round

Jump off, take a deep breath, have a little faith and read on…

Every day is likely a struggle to keep organized. The list of things to do is always growing and often the very art you love to create gets even less of your precious creative time. can help you tame that to-do list and get you back into the studio / garden / kitchen / garage / woodshop, etc. and get to work. I have a formula for artists that allows them to maintain control over their empire, while delegating some administrative and marketing tasks to someone else (yes, it’s me.)

It’s not about the art

(Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was!?)

Successful artists know that an intriguing image is more important than saving a few dollars. Strugglers try to do everything themselves, and operate with the mindset that they can’t afford a professional image, or worse yet, that their art is so wonderful, nothing else matters. It does.

Then what IS it about?

It’s about what buyers need in order to feel compelled to buy. From you. I’m sure you’ve noticed, they’ll cram as many 10 x 10 booths into the venue as they can, so, you, your artwork, and everything else associated with you (booth, website, handouts ) better be working together to make buyers feel like spending money on your art is a privilege. This starts long before the event. At least some of those lovely attendees have been all over the event website, visiting links and making a list of the booths they’re going to visit before and after the wine tasting.

I’m going to show you how to be on that list. You will appeal to not just more customers, but the right kinds of customers (you know, the ones who actually buy) without selling your soul. I’m going to show you how to turn your personality, style, outlook, and truth into an image that people will need to own a piece of. I’ll show you how to build a following and keep them interested, without turning you into a contrived marketing machine.

It’s really no wonder your ‘marketing’ isn’t stellar

There is so much to do, how can you possibly do it all without sacrificing your image? You can’t.


  • Order/Purchase materials
  • Create the art
  • Apply to shows
  • Pack for shows
  • Make sure your booth looks great
  • Unpack after shows
  • Keep a mailing list for followers
  • Send an email to said followers
  • Create/update a website
  • Post to Facebook
  • Take pictures
  • Respond to emails
I can’t help you unpack after shows

But I will get you to the place where, as you’re unpacking, people are taking a look at your website, signing up for your email list, finding out where you’re going to be next, and calling you because they can’t stop thinking about that piece they wish they’d bought.

You need help

And I’m not talking about that well-meaning spouse, your high-schooler, your best friend, or your neighbor who has a full-time job but ‘does this on the side’. I’m talking about outside help focused on organization and direction, making sure your image doesn’t suffer by taking shortcuts that embarrass you. Marketing done right is simple and efficient and should pay for itself. It’s what represents you when you’re not there, so it’s kind of a big deal.

We Should Talk

It all starts with a comprehensive consultation. If those words scared the hell out of you and you immediately thought “No Way, Sounds Expensive, I Can’t Afford It!”, skip this form and call me today. That kind of thinking will suck the wind right out of your artistic little sails. We will change that mindset, change your image, and change your business.